Waiting, waiting, waiting

If you know me IRL, you'd know that patience is something I struggle with. Why put off tomorrow what you can do today? I'm sure I drove SB up the wall while I was waiting for him to propose. I was mentioning to my mum the other day that sometimes I feel like saying "Stuff the wedding, I just want to be married now!". I'm sure I would ultimately regret that decision but it does show my impatience when waiting for exciting things!

I'm trying to foster patience at the moment for a multitude of different things:
  • my business logo is currently being designed by Nikki Hassett. As soon as I sent the email I was so excited to see what she could come up with... now I need to be quiet and let her work!
  • launching the business - once I've created my corporate identity, all systems are go!
  • more sports bras from We Love Colors (free shipping to Australia and New Zealand at the moment) but I need to wait until next payday when it isn't so much of a stretch
  • trying on wedding dresses! I set a size goal to get to, I'm going to make myself stick to it!
  • my students! They can be a trying bunch, they just don't seem to realise how serious their assessments are this year and it can be so frustrating!
I am aware that when I am "waiting", I'm also avoiding living in the moment. I keep telling myself to focus on what I can do and not what I cannot yet do... or in the case of my students, what is completely outside of my control!

Scribblettes, do you often find yourself waiting? What are you waiting for?


  1. I feel like I'm in some weird limbo these days! I feel impatient to meet our baby boy (due November) but I also feel like time is moving way too fast and I'll never get anything done in time!!!
    I am usually someone who tries to live in the moment, but I've found it quite difficult since getting pregnant - I've discovered stuff about me I never would have picked - it's weird!

  2. When I'm waiting for something I alternate between being fairly laid back vs obsessively planning! At the moment I'm waiting for news about our house & whether we can stay here after the earthquake. Boo! But only another three months til we know.