Loves and Loathes of September

  • Our engagement party is this weekend! Our lounge and dining area currently looks a little unkempt (and is likely to start looking more so) as I finish off the DIY part of our decorations. I'm glad I decided to outsource a couple of things - the reality is that it is sometimes better to pay someone else for their time than to try and do it yourself. Even with working two thirteen-hour days this week (less than will be usual) I've still managed to get in bed at a decent hour and avoid tears - yes, I am about nine years old inside!
  • The beautiful sunny days we've had recently - hard to love this when the wind is literally blowing a gale but the fact that we've had a few lovely warm days must mean that proper spring is on it's way, right?
  • That Liv Bambola has confirmed that she is coming to the wedding! This is something that friends of mine who aren't as web-connected really don't understand... Liv knows me better than a lot of the people I am friendly with in real life. She's been in my life for my change of careers, when I met the man of my dreams and when I realised that he was the man of my dreams. Along with others (you guys should know who you are!), you've experienced both the light and the dark sides of my life - not just my "public face". Through DM conversations on Twitter and Facebook love, you've become not just web friends but real friends. So as hard as it is to understand, there are some of my ladies whom, although we live oceans apart, I would love to be there for my special day. That's why I'm so excited that she has confirmed that she can come!
  • Seeing a metal rooster in a garden store and thinking "Knock knock, motherf**ker" - hand up if you know what I'm talking about :)
  • Finding out that yet another person dear to me is dealing with cancer... honestly, f**k cancer. I don't swear often on the net, but it totally applies. Stop ruining people's lives!
  • Spring Mating Season as a teacher - proven fact, as the weather gets warmer, the student population suddenly gets a lot more coupley and the PDA gets a lot more full on. I wish I was joking... I'm really not. I'm considering getting a spray bottle - hey, if it works for domestic animals, should work on people, right?
  • The plateau... I'm plateaued at around seventeen kilos down. I really need to lose another ten at least before would be happy but this is so frustrating. I'm getting to the point where I'm sabotaging myself to stay here - "If I'm not going to lose anything or gain anything then I may as well eat what I want". Yes, I'm aware that sentence makes absolutely no sense... it really makes me question what in me makes me think that way.
  • Money - it's not that I loathe money itself (it definitely has good uses) nor am I loathing the lack thereof (I'm actually not too badly off at the moment). I guess I'm loathing having to think about it... loathing adjusting wedding budgets, loathing the thought of extra money and the sensible things I should do with it instead of blow it on fun stuff. Ha ha, maybe I'm just loathing being a grown-up :)
What are you loving and loathing this month, Scribblettes?


  1. Loving:
    + the image of you using a spray bottle on horny teenagers ;)
    + sunny weather
    + piano lessons
    + buying books online

    - CERA
    - being disorganised

  2. Ooh, hope you have a fantastic engagement party! It is truly amazing how connected we can feel to people we've never met in person. I never thought I'd say that until I started blogging :)

    I'm loving:
    > Watching the baby's nursery taking shape!
    > Watching my belly dance all over the place when I lounge about on the couch - the bub is having dance parties, I swear!
    > The sunshine we've been having.
    > Online shopping.
    > Getting tickets to a sold out AFL finals game - Go Eagles!
    > I lost my engagement ring FOR A WHOLE YEAR and was too embarrassed to admit it to many people. Today I found it. I swear it was divine intervention - it was out in the open in a spot I'd searched MANY times! :)

    I'm loathing:
    > The rash scars on my upper chest. I feel embarrassed and always feel like hiding them.
    > My husband's family reliving the grief of the loss of his brother this time last year.
    > Not knowing what the hell to blog about this week! Hoping for inspiration before Friday!


  3. I'm loving that those of you who have posted so far seem to have way more good than bad!