Quiet times...

It's been a rough week - there's no denying it. Both SB and I caught a virus that was going around - knocked me out for three days and had to stay off work to avoid spreading the germs. On Tuesday, the second day off, I hopped on Facebook to be stunned by the news that an old school friend had passed away very unexpectedly. Wednesday I started to feel better, only for SB to start to feel worse. Thursday night we had a phone call to say that SB's dog had taken a turn for the worse and that we should pop round the following morning if we wanted to say goodbye. We did, and without going into the finer details, it was clear that putting down the dog down was the best thing to do. This morning, I attended the funeral of my school friend. It was heart-breaking to see his girlfriend stand by the coffin, unmoving, their life together cut so short.

So SB and I are sitting on the couch, watching music DVDs and having a whiskey and dry for the ones we've lost this week... it's a quiet time and that's a good thing,

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