Apparently I don't understand what the word holiday means...

I'm on holiday once again - and I'm solidly booked right up until we head away to Wellington on the 13th! I'm really excited about it - for the most part anyway. I've got a couple of appointments teed up for Bee of Service and I'm so excited about the business getting properly underway! It's nice to be spreading my wings a little bit further than my family and friends (although I love you guys too)!

I'm a bit bummed out that Monday means a return to work to iron out paperwork at work - another teacher declared that it was the most depressing part of the job. I think they're probably right. You join teacher because you're passionate about changing lives... and it doesn't feel like the paperwork does much to change teenagers into fully-fledged adults. Still, it is one of those necessary evils. Far better to get it sorted in peace and quiet than to attempt to get it done when I start teaching tutorials again next term!

I'm also all about the grooming this week - I have a haircut, pedicure and clothes-shopping trip (thanks to winning a $100 voucher from DressSmart on Twitter) planned before our trip... I'm going to hit Wellington as glam as possible after an eleven-hour train ride! The haircut is totally necessary, the pedicure a great chance to catch up with a friend and the clothing shop purely a case of luck :)

This may sound like I'm all glitter and kittens... I'm not. Mum had some bad health news this week, I got rejected from a teaching job without even an interview and I had a day that resulted in me bawling my eyes out at my desk (and scaring a couple of students to boot when they walked into my class without knocking). I'm just choosing to focus on the positive things for now and celebrate what I DO have than despair about future events - it's not like I can control them!

So here's to a busy four days with little time to mull over things outside my control. Here's to successful meetings, awesome haircuts and hanging out with friends. Here's to looking at the shiny side of the coin!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your mum's bad news :(
    I hope she will be OK.
    I also hope that you will enjoy being pampered for once. It's important for your soul xo

  2. :/ Sorry to hear things aren't too good with your mum hun. What's that saying - give a busy person something to do and she will get it done?! I fully believe in you achieving everything you want to - it might just take you a wee while longer. Give yourself time to breath and relax too (the pampering day sounds AWESOME, as does the shopping!!). Lucky gal!