Relaxing Domestic Getaway

SB and I have just returned from a lovely mini-break to Wellington! It was great to get away from all the pressures of home (well, almost all, had the laptop with us so I could keep an eye on enquiries for the business) and just enjoy time together. We managed to catch up with a few of the people we correspond with on Twitter, all as equally lovely IRL as they are online. In the interests of not boring you silly with all our tales, enjoy our pictorial essay below!


  1. Looks like wellington put on a Stellar weekend for you!! Love the pictures with the captions as well! :)

  2. Sounds like you had fun :)
    Sometimes a mini break can be the best thing for a couple!
    My husband and I snuck away (only 2 hours up the road) the other week for a mini "babymoon" and it was fantastic. No-one knew where we were (except my parents) and it was just "us"! I could see how relaxed we became and it was great after being so busy!