Monthly Resolutions - Jan

So yesterday I told you about my word for the year and some of you have fantastic words of your own! I think Bridey hit the nail right on the head when she said that you know it's the right word for you when the thought of it scares you a little! So what does balance mean this month?

  • Relationship: No phones during meal times (with the exception of when SB is on call) - focus should be on each other at these times and it's a bad habit we've let creep in
  • Health: Eating whatever I want as long as I'm under calorie intake for the day - I've started calorie counting to get the rest of the weight off and I know that I should eat healthy but I'm giving myself permission to have whatever food I want within reason. It's working well so far and I don't feel deprived
  • Work/Social: Trying to occupy myself at home or within walking distance of home as much as possible - we're feeling the pinch financially with being on one income and still saving for the wedding and I know I will be grateful for this quiet time once everything takes off again.
  • Financial: Being honest with friends and family about our ability to do things with them this month that cost a lot of money - we either don't do it or we come up with another solution.
Simple intentions when written down, not quite as easy to do in real life - but it's meant to be a challenge, right?

How are you planning your goals/resolutions/intentions this year? Annually? Monthly?

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  1. Those resolutions sound really good. I especially like the one about phones at mealtimes. My hubby is addicted to his iPhone and while he constantly has it in his hand he has made an effort lately to be more present in a moment with me and it helps!
    I think my word for the year would be "cherish". To take in every moment with my bub as he grows and learns. To cherish the relationships I have in my life and nurture them.