So... I'm going to try on wedding dresses tomorrow. Squee right? 
So I'm stuck wondering why I'm not feeling so squee.

I wonder whether it's because I'm not yet the size I'd hoped to be when I first went dress shopping. I don't think that anyone should tie their sense of worth (and their beauty as a bride) to a dress size, but I'd hoped to lose all my weight in a year - at 30 kg from my largest, maybe I should have been more realistic. I'm now hoping to be 7 kg lighter than I am now by the time the wedding and at my goal weight by my weight loss anniversary in November, an additional 5 kg.

I'm also wondering whether... well... I don't care so much. I want a pretty dress but I really don't have many of the details set in stone. White or off-white, silhouettes, sashes, one-strap/two-straps/strapless... I don't really mind! I'm thinking that it will probably be chiffon but I'm certainly not tied to it. I've organized the things that really matter to me and maybe I'm just one of those brides that doesn't care that much about the dress.

I see our day out as a really fun outing with mum and French "sister" C - especially seeing we're taking in "high tea" at the Langham. I'm just hoping I feel a little bit more of the magic once I'm in the dresses!


  1. Its always hard shopping for clothes when you are not happy about your size. When I bought my wedding dress that wasn't an issue (it is now though) but I saw an outfit I liked and bought it without thinking about style.
    Our wedding was pretty low key though - I'm not one to get excited about stuff like dresses. I'm sure you will see something and just like the style without planning, straps or not etc etc. Good luck with the shopping and well done on the weightloss I'm right behind you (quite a way actually but on my way in the right direction.

  2. Throwing an idea out there - my wedding dress was a plain ivory strapless gown and then it had a silk sleeveless organza coat over the top that included the train and that had embroidery and detailing on it. There is so much amazing stuff out there, you'll find something and you'll fall in love with it!

  3. Wedding dresses wedding dresses! You know, I never even tried any on. I had mine made & knew what I wanted so I never even bothered! And I don't think I will "next time" either, because I already have that one completely planned out!