Another addition to the "I want" list

Was doing my "social admin" last night, trying to get several things sorted at once (yay for being a woman and multi-tasking). Part of the organisation was using Facebook Chat to make plans with my friend K regarding her housewarming party on the Saturday after I get back from Christchurch. Now the set-up of my "office" at the moment is on my small dining room table - not as odd as it sounds and left over from the period when I lived with Ex-S - next to my father's computer desk in the open plan lounge/dining room/kitchen area (the dining room table is actually smaller than my dad's computer desk). For those of you that don't use Facebook Chat, it makes a small sound, probably best described as popping, if you get a message and are in a different tab than the one that has Facebook up and running - useful to alert you that you've had an IM reply. My dad turns round at one point and starts this tirade about how this popping sound is intensely irritating (he really does get grumpy-old-man sometimes) and being the slightly feisty daughter I am I let him know why I have the sound on to hear it, that I won't be on there that much longer, and unlike his other daughter I pay for the privilege to live there (yeah, I can get grumpy too). My mother stands up for me at this stage, and reminds him that I can't afford to sort out any sort of option to fix the situation until my return from Christchurch... which I have to admit jogged my memory. When I first set up my computer here, I thought that once I sorted out my Vodem cancellation (which would be another post in and of itself) I would purchase a wireless router - Ex-S bought one when we were living together, but took it when he left. It was so handy and meant I could use the net anywhere in the house. Attaching it to my parents modem would give me the ability to use my computer at my desk in my room, in the lounge, in bed, in the bathroom LOL... Seeing I'm not on my computer at home as much when my father is doing all his Facebook Triumph stuff (my mum does too, but in her office in the spare room... it's a worry, I tell ya) I hadn't made it as much of a priority, but I think it maybe needs to slot in between tyres (urgent) and hair straightener to keep the peace LOL. Time to investigate pricing!

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