God Damn... talk about needing to be wrapped in cotton wool

So it's my first night back at work yesterday, not including the Wednesday that I shouldn't have pushed myself to do yesterday and it all went sweet.... I was locking up the centre and there are swinging doors in between the foyer and the big heavy outer doors. When I go through to lock the outer doors one of the doors always hits me on the ass without fail. Last night I thought that I'd be really clever and grab the door behind me before it clipped me "where the Lord split me" but I underestimated the weight of the doors as they swung back and jammed my fingers. OUCH! I managed to get through the rest of lock up and the drive home without looking at my fingers - I knew if I did I would pass out - and it's just the ring finger and little finger on my right hand that are badly bruised.
Looking at my bank accounts in prep for my holiday and feeling in really good shape! Looks like being laid up ill is a really good antidote for spending! It also appears that I will be getting sick leave for the time that I missed last week and I cashed a check yesterday for a tax refund! Lots and lots of fun money. My friend K is now staying with me at the B&S maison (cousins) for two days, not just one, so will be fun fun times!

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