Rolling jaffas down the aisle...

LoL it's a quintessential kiwi kid thing (although it doesn't do so well in the plush carpeting of our newer cinemas) but I'm much too frugal these days to throw my food away like that. Unusually, I've been to the cinema twice this weekend! I'd promised to take my younger sister to Kung Fu Panda, and thought that I better get it out of the way this weekend (next weekend I'm in Christchurch and then the weekend after that is soooo busy social-wise) and then the parentals decided that this was this was the weekend that they were going to see Prince Caspian, and that i we wanted to tag along they would pay... well, who says no to a free movie they were already planning to see (Ben Barnes... yummmmmmy). While I was out I also picked up some last minute things for Christchurch... woolen tights, hair ties and a cute little travel body wash that smelled like a delicate asian inspired garden! Farmers was having a massive sale so I also ended up buying this three pack of hosiery - sheers, opaques and legging style. Also picked up a sweet summer top (very grecian, which I love) that is a little tooo tight right now but will be perfect for summer - $5 at the Valley Girl Clearance Store Clearance Sale (double clearance, yay for me). All in all a very successful weekend, especially moneywise.

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