This is why I take my diary everywhere...

... and why I sometimes wish I had a smartphone or Blackberry or whatever. I'm meant to be going into work for some extra training this week (school holiday programme's coming up, and it's a completely different way of booking classes than usual) and after discussion with the day-time receptionist I'm pretty sure we decided I was going to come in early tomorrow. Only problem being that for some unusual reason, I didn't have my "paper" diary with me to record it down, and when I tried to log it onto my Google Calendar at work last night, the web-page froze (seems to be a bias that the network we run off has against Google - Reader is prone to do the same thing). I wake up this morning and I can't remember whether I'm meant to be starting at 3 today or tomorrow, and all my efforts to get hold of J (day-time reception) via phone and email have so far been fruitless. I want to go to the gym on the way to work, and I don't want to waste my time (soooo much study to do) by going in early today if it is tomorrow. Grrr I hate it when this sort of thing happens... makes me look so unprofessional.
UPDATE: Finally got hold of J and she said that she couldn't remember either (LOL) and just to come in whatever day suited - so tomorrow it is :) I'll be up that way already with some errands I need to run, so it makes more sense.

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