In love...

With my new digital camera! For a start it's not boring silver, it's a lovely turquoise blue (in fact, see here) so no getting it muddled up with everyone else's if it's sitting on a table at a house party. It turns on with just a slide of the lens cover, so quick that there's little danger of missing the perfect shot. It has like a million different settings so that you can get a perfect shot in any condition (seperate settings available for beach, snow, party, sunsets!) but it's really easy to flick between them. It's got an option you can select when you are unsure of the light conditions and it will take two photos with one click of the button - one with flash, one without - so you always get a good looking shot of what you after. My fav feature that the camera has is the "Stamp" feature, where the camera will place a kiss, a hello speech bubble or bunny ears on the subject of the photo. I still need a little bit of work with this feature, I have this hilarious close-up photo of my mother with bunny ears that seem to come out of her eyebrows... she looks like some sort of anime superhero. It was a belated Christmas and Birthday present from my parents (we were waiting for a good deal) and so the fact it cost me nothing makes me feel even better!
Also loving these adorable little penguin lollies that my sister found at a little sweet kiosk in our town. I woke up one morning this week to find these gorgeous little buddies in a dish beside my bed. Very difficult to want to eat them, but once I'd used my new digital camera to immortalise them, they were quickly nom'd away. Will have to return to this little kiosk and see if I can get more - she got a massive paper bag of penguins and icebergs (marshmellow peaks) for $2... not great for the waistline, but with struggling with eating their royal cutenesses it should take me a while :D

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