Lunch Time Love

Just popped home in between training I had this morning and work that I have in a couple of hours - with the price of petrol at the moment, I was tempted to stay out, but then realised I'd probably spend just as much money on lunch and keeping myself occupied as I spent on petrol to get home. So here I am, heels shucked off but still in the rest of my corporate gear, about to get in a hour or so of mindless day-time television watching and eat my body weight in mandarins LOL Nice to be able to slot in some "thoughtless time".
Also, isn't it great when work schedules in mandatory training for everyone that's almost completely useless if you are a Gen Y-er and brought up around computers since they were Commodore 64s :D Ah well, I get paid extra, and that means more fun money for Christchurch!

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  1. Ooh, you're coming to Chch again? Let me know if you have any free time, I can take you to some good thrift spots or something. :)