Thursday night : Word I'm loving!

Have decided that every Thursday night I will share a word I'm "crushing on":
This week's word comes to you courtesy of one of my favourite blogs iCiNG - thanks Gala! This stunning website has introduced me to the use of the word nonpareil in reference to a person or thing rather than those round pellets of sugar your mum used to decorate your birthday cakes with :) .
Nonpareil means having no equal, being peerless. Early high school was a bit of a torment for me because I wasn't willing to just go along with the crowd, but in hindsight I wouldn't have changed a single thing. I'm glad that I've spent my life okay with my own exquisite uniqueness. It's hopefully something I can impart when I'm teaching: I wish someone had told me at the time that it was okay to be a nonpareil, that I will be eternally grateful for the lifestyle and opportunities that have come to me for being brave enough to make my own choices.

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