Not normal...

Following on from my post about unusual tiredness, it seems to have become worse. I've gone through the day today feeling absolutely wrecked and seem to running at work purely thanks to the wonderful energy bursts of sugar and caffeine (although I bought sushi to have for tea - yummy). I seem to be leaning more and more towards believing that it's a Vitamin B12 deficiency - I was extremely low on both Vitamins B12 and D when I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance last year. Vitamin D deficiency leads you to a lot of aches and pains, and Vitamin B12 deficiency makes you feel fatigued, similar to anaemia (it's actually medically known as pernicious anaemia). I'm going to attempt to self-medicate for the next few days with Berocca, and then hopefully get a blood test and possible booster injection of B12 at the doctors on Friday (I have to go to top up my BCP anyway). I don't like feeling like this - it's hard to live an active life of positivity and vitality when all you feel like doing is lying in bed all day. Life shouldn't be an effort, it should be there to be enjoyed :D

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