I'z two tired to even spell properly

Yet another day I haven't made it to the gym this week... with being back at uni and working nights I've just been too knackered to get up early enough to go before class. I'm thinking I might be a little anaemic as well, so will try and have a big juicy steak and some green spinachy stuff to boost those levels some time soon. I'm trying to decide whether or not to take some sort of supplementation - not being in charge of my own grocery shopping and meals anymore, I can't guarantee that I'll be getting enough of what I need. The meals are healthy enough, just maybe not enough of the right nutrients particularly for me. I think I'll adopt the wait-and-see method, reassess around this time next week and see if I'm feeling better after taking out the nine-day working stint. Plus definitely hauling my ass to the gym tomorrow (only have coffee with a friend, Whitey, at 2) and hopefully Saturday (squeezing it in around work and pattern shopping for a bridesmaid dress - the shopping being a moveable event) because my butt just isn't going to get smaller by itself. Sometimes the best thing to do is just force yourself to do it - like I'm going to force myself to get up, get dressed (yes, I know, lazy- it's already half ten) and catch the train into the city for my one class today. At least it will give me the opportunity to spend a small fortune on text books LOL

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