Gah... the shops don't want my money

After going for a nice walk and goss through the botanical gardens with my friend PCock we decided to go and have a browse at the moment. I'm looking to splurge on another pair of pants (I have like two that fit at the moment, and they are still baggy as) and a dress that M has told me I have to buy for her daughters' christening. Not as easy as it sounds... I have a "ghetto booty", which means that half these supposed mid-rises are still showing off a good solid chunk of butt cleavage. I found two passable pairs of pants but I didn't love either of them... I got the style number of the most adequate pair of pants but I'm so not excited about them. I found one dress that didn't look like I was going to a funeral or out clubbing (both not particularly apt for a christening) but it was in this ghastly peach colour that made me look like I hadn't slept in a month... le sigh. I've avoided those "mummy-style" shops... but maybe I need to suck it up and have a look. Who knows, I might find something amazing.

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