Naming words, describing words, doing words...

Sometimes I wonder how people have made it to uni... today in one of my tutorials we went over what nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, etc are. Granted, this particular paper is a general education paper so those who take it may not necessarily be English majors... but are you trying to tell me that people can get into tertiary education not knowing what these terms are? How they expect these people to write a close analysis of "Hamlet" or Nabokov's "Pale Fire" if they don't know that "quietly" is an adverb is beyond me.
I guess you can tell that I found uni a bit tiresome today... mum's oncologist appointment is tomorrow so I'm wound up tigher than a tick (however tight that is, and if someone could tell me how that saying originated I'd love you forever) and inane tutorials like the one I went to today just aren't helping my state of mind :) Part of me just wants tomorrow to be over, regardless of the outcome, because then at least we'll know - has it metastisised anywhere apart from her arm pit lymph nodes, is she HER-2 positive, what's her prognosis, what's the treatment, blah blah blah. Her appointment isn't until eight tomorrow night and I'll be working until eleven so I'll probably do an update post on Wednesday.
I tried on a pair of pink heart-shaped glasses on Sunday when I was at the mall with S (just for a laugh) and now I think I actually seriously want them... am I having a miniature Nabokov-Lolita-geek lust or do they just look cute? I think both :) Keep watching this space to see if I satisfy my urge (oooh how very Humbert Humbert of me, satisfying illicit urges LOL)

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