Gasp... my anonymity... she is gone!

I lost my anonymity this morning... well, actually that's not entirely true. I lost it slightly when I added Gala Darling to my facebook and sent her an email letting her know that this was my alter ego, but that's sort of different as she knows me as Scribbles first and "real me" second. This was the first time that someone in my real life has come to know me as Scribbles second. My mum was talking this morning about the conversation that she'd had with my uncle last night, that he (in Christchurch, South Island of NZ) would like her to set up a blog about everything that is going on in her fight against Gertrude (the cancer) so that they can keep appraised of the situation and my mum was really keen. So I should her the functionality of Blogger, and what the end result of my page looks like, plus a few other blogs (powered by Wordpress, etc) so she could get a feel for what she likes and doesn't like. Currently she favours the Wordpress functionality. Although she knows this blog exists, I don't know how often she will read it... and I'm not going to change what I write. This is my place to vent... even if it's about her sometimes :) And I'm lucky that I have a cool mum who understands that.

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  1. Thank you for the nice comments over on hipsterette. :)
    i much appreciated them!