We're in a bit of a holding pattern until next Tuesday when Mum sees the oncologist, but we're all doing what we can to get things as organised as possible before then. She'll go on chemo almost immediately so it makes to put everything in place now plus it's really helped me stop procrastinating about some of the things that I needed to do, especially in the financial realm of things. This morning, Mum and I went to the bank. Back when I first left home (at 17) she arranged for me to have a credit card for emergencies off her personal account - not the ones she shares with dad. This has worked perfectly fine for us for the intermittent five years or so, even though she is personally liable for the card I'm good about paying it off, blah blah blah. Heaven forbid that things take a turn for the worst, though, and it becomes a bit more awkward. So the bank has given me a tertiary credit card with the same limit (very low), no fees and they'll do a balance transfer. With both mum and I being there, it was simple as sugar to do. I also changed my Kiwisaver Retirement account to my brick-and-mortar bank after AXA announced that they were freezing all mortgage bonds! They are apparently assuring all customers that their Kiwisaver accounts are fine, but please! It doesn't appear that you can handle the investments that well. It's like a friend telling me they're good for the money because they have $100 cash in their purse, and never mind that they have $1000 in overdraft or CC balances LOL... weird analogy but you get the picture.
The best thing to come out of this morning (apart from the doc-prescribed sleeping pills that will let me continue to be superwoman LOL) though was the bank advising mum that they have pre-approved her to take a LOT of money out against the house (currently owned outright) if she needs to for treatment. This is a huge burden off our shoulders if it comes back that she's HER-2 positive and needs Herceptin - the dumb NZ government will only fund 9 weeks of a full year course - grrr! And we'll worry about the money side of things later, the most important thing is that she gets better!

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