A great day!

Today has been an awesome day... in many ways.
I met Mr. Wrigley today and he was cute and funny and we had a really great time. We got coffee and chatted away (about the Olympics and terrible projects that you could spring on your children in their developmental years - we have the same type of humour LOL) and then we caught that movie "Tropical Thunder". I know there's been a lot of furore about the use of the word "retard" in the film... but as a sister of a retarded girl, I'm not that offended. In fact, a lot of what Robert Downey's character says in the main conversation that occurs is true - you can win an Oscar for playing an autistic, but not a full blown retard/disabled person/differently abled person. And there's far more in the movie to offend you if you are British/war veteran/asian/coloured/homosexual/animal lover... it's an offensive movie, and that's what gets the comedic laughs. People just need to chill the frick out and stop being so PC. If you take the movie for what its mean to be, it's freaking hilarious. I kept on wanting to hold Mr. Wrigley's hand but seeing that I didn't even know if he was interested, I stopped myself... turns out he was thinking about it too! Of course I find this all out in a text conversation after we parted ways... man I need to grow some balls. We've both agreed that it seems worthwhile to get to know each other better, so I'll keep you posted :)
This evening I went to the circus with PCock and met her boyfriend, PCoppa, for the first time. PCoppa seemed nice (and a step above PCock's past men) and the circus was amazing! They had acrobats, contortionists, trapeze artists and tightrope walkers plus the cutest little hula hooping six-year-old and an elephant! Too cool for words and well worth the $18 :) Great day, and exactly what I needed


  1. awww the circus! so fun. :) I love the video of the elephant! I haven't been to the circus since I was such a little kid...

    i know this is terribly picky, but would you mind changing the link you have for me to hipsterette.com/blog ? that way it can live-update like the others :) thank you so much!!!

  2. No problem ML - done and dusted!