Week starting 24th August

I stole this beautiful header off the lovely Gala Darling's blog... I'm not sure I've seen her use this in a while but I thought it was a brilliant idea!
With everything that's been going on in my life at the moment, I've felt like my life is sort of all over the show and I need to pull everything back together and get back on track. I want to improve myself by setting some short-term goals... just little ones, acheivable within a week and the best part is that you guys will be able to keep me accountable. They won't always fulfil the SMART (yay, business school terminology) criteria, but I will know by the end of the week how I did. This week's resolutions are (drumroll please):
  • Finish both assignments by 4pm Monday afternoon - to the best of my ability. Once these are handed in, relax in the knowledge that they are complete and out of my hands
  • Chill the frick out about where this thing with Mr. Wrigley is going. I'm notoriously impatient and I always hate this nothing part of a relationship - when you know you like each other but you are yet to know whether it's going anywhere... you don't know if they are seeing other people, and even if they are it's none of your business. I just need to take a deep breath, realise that it's just the way the world works and stay cool with it.
  • Do a good solid effort at getting the house tidy before Friday as that's when Mum's first chemo is
  • Finish writing up my 6-month objectives and hand them in to my boss for her to sign off - she's basically guaranteed me a pay rise if I do achieve them (which it isn't like they are hard to achieve) so I should stop wasting time
  • Contact St John's and investigate course times for Sept/Nov - see goal directly above.
Five's a good number to start with... let you know next Sunday how I go :)


  1. hello! i managed to click my way to your blog- and i just want to say that i totally understand what it's like with your Mr. Wrigley. "Can I hold his hand? Would he be annoyed if I asked him this question?" etc...

    would you mind if i continued reading your blog?

  2. By all means Stacy... keep reading away :)
    Yeah, it's so horrible and wonderful at the same time... "he hasn't text me back... is he busy or is he just finding me annoying?" "is he seeing other people?" "am I being too needy?" "Do I sound like a psycho?"... I always want to fast forward to the bit where you are sitting in each other's laps feeding each other cupcake.
    I just need to keep telling myself that there is plenty of time for laps and cupcakes, whether its with Mr Wrigley or some fantastic other person :)

  3. Good luck with your goals, Scribbles! :D

    P.S. Do you have Twitter?

  4. I am ashamed to admit that I barely even know what Twitter is... some form of internet text messaging? I need a Twitter tutorial people :)