Without fail, whenever I have a particularly stressful period (such as four assignments all due at the same time - cough cough bad timing lecturers!) and I come out the other side I have at least a day or two in which I get some sort of cold or illness in order to make up for being a Superwoman. It's like I'm being influenced with the talent of rebound (see Piers Anthony's Man from Mundania for my geeky lit reference). I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been hit by a truck but the oddest thing is that it's like the aches and pains of flu without anything respiratory at all... is that even possible? Or did I actually get hit by a truck in my sleep? I could barely move. I'm at work this evening, making good use of my wheatie bag to ease my aches and pains... and on the bright side, everyone thinks it makes me smell like popcorn. There are definitely worse things to smell of :)


  1. wait... what? you get a flu and you smell like popcorn? that's no fair! i have a flu now too and i think i smell like fish poop! :(

  2. I should probably clarify that it is the wheatie bag that is making me smell like popcorn (I think oatmeal, but whatever). Without it I probably smell like fish poop doused in perfume to try and mask the fish poop smell :D