I'm actually typing this while IN a tutorial... I already know how to search the university databases (if I'd been studying for four years total and didn't know how, that would be the real scandal) so I've just been using the time to catch up with my e-correspondence while being noted for attendance LOL.
Was so annoyed... cruising my friends' pages on a social networking site this morning and came across this diatribe on one of my "friend"s pages about how her and another friend Gothica's boyfriend (who dislikes me anyway, but that's a whole 'nother blog post) were going to create an "I hate (Scribbles - well, my actual name) website" because I like to harp on incessantly about my boring life amongst a million other supposed faults I have. Since I haven't spoken to Supposed Friend since she made a very rude comment on said page about two other friends and haven't talked to Gothica's Psycho Boyfriend since he and Gothica moved to Australia TWO YEARS AGO, this is crazy... neither of these two even know about my mum or anything that has been going on in my life lately. I was so annoyed and basically called her on her page on all the passive aggressive bull shit that she's been carrying on lately... so stooping to her level but it felt so good. She should have either had the courage to say something to my face or it should have been a conversation that they conducted in private. The way I reacted was a bit "high school" but it was a bit "high school" in the first place. Who would guess that we're all 23? Well, Bert is only 22 but she's the only one of us who hasn't yet been offensively insulted by Supposed Friend.
On the brighter side, my friends Farmgirl and Farmboy had their first baby last night... I just get into a big puddle of mush when I think about it . Their lives are going to be completely changed forever, but in a totally awesome way.

Just goes to show there's always a shiny side to the coin :)


  1. Frankly, I find that incredibly immature sounding - the website thing, not your response. Its only natural to want to stoop to their level in response I think. But a website...thats the kind of thing I would have thought about doing when I was 13, not 23! Rise above it is all I can say!

    As for the tutorial...I was disturbed recently when one of my post-grad classes required us to do a bibliographical assignment to prove that we all knew how to reference properly! And then further shocked when it turned out that half the class didn't! I really don't get how you slip through the cracks at uni without learning these things...

  2. Oh and I could have been so much more snide in my reply, but it basically called her out on the passive aggressive bullshit and said that she really had no idea whether my life was boring or not seeing that she hadn't even been part of it enough to know that my mum had cancer (oh yes, I pulled the "My mum has cancer" card, that's how pissed off I was LOL) - nothing I said was particularly mean or untrue. And you know what?
    I actually got half of an apology *gasp*. I still have no interest in being friends with such immature children, but it's nice to know that my reprimand had some effect.
    I had referencing drilled into my brain when I did my business degree so I find it really easy too. I was gobsmacked when I received an essay to peer review last semester that seemed totally the person's own opinion, not supported by fact, and another that had no bibliography referencing or even footnotes! Crazy. 1st year English lit must not crack down on it...