I had the best time away this weekend... and it was about at this point as I was strolling along the beach with PCock that I decided I'd really like to try living here. I'm somewhat committed to living in Auckland for the next year while studying and then it may be easier to get my first job there (where my contacts are) but sometime in the next ten years I want give it a go - the city speaks to my heart...
Didn't expect an epiphany while away for 24 hours LOL


  1. I have a place that speaks to my heart too. There's just something about it. The vibe feels like "me".

    I'm going to try to live there at some point, but it's a small place, so jobs are less plentiful. But I'm hoping (also within the 10 years after I graduate) to get there and make myself a life there.

  2. It sounds very similar to the boat I'm in Meri - there are definitely less jobs available there but teachers always seem to be in demand so I'm crossing my fingers. It's only two hours from where I am now so it's not like I'll have to forgo all my friendships either - I'm sure that they'll show up on my doorstep when they want to holiday at the beach LOL.