I'm a bit partial to penguins...

I've had this post up my sleeve for a while... my favourite animal has to be the penguin! There's just something cute about that little waddling bird butt and then their absolute grace under water that endears them to my heart. I think it may have stemmed from when Dad and I found a little penguin stranded in the rock pools while staying in Papamoa... getting to see a creature of the wild up close and personal before setting it free sets that connection in your heart!
In saying that, I'm fairly sure that most 21-year olds didn't beg their parents for a penguin Care Bear Cousin for christmas! Cosy Heart is my only bed companion at the moment. I've also included my penguin shoes (are they as awesome as you had imagined, Gilda?) and my absolute favourite penguin lollies on this post - the black and white ones actually taste really fruity!
So now you all know my secret obsession - it also makes me lust after boys in tuxedos LOL. What's your secret obsession?


  1. Oh. My. GOD! Mine is penguins, TOO! Haha that's so funny! :D LOL I nearly wet myself when 'Happy Feet' came out (although I was a little disappointed with it), but I love, love, LOVE penguins!

  2. LOL that is hysterical... I dragged my little sis along to Happy Feet when it came out too. And I always start singing the penguin version of Boogie Wonderland as I walk past the club entry of the same name in town..."So slowly...
    So slowly into hearts of those who
    Need more than they get
    Daylight deals a bad hand
    To a penguin that has laid too many bets ..."...achem... I'm normal...

  3. AHAHAHAH! oh i love those shoes!!! so cute!