Photo credit: Mt Maunganui Hot Salt Water Pools
Aloha my lovelies! I've been informed by my sources that this means both hello and goodbye and so it's a very apt opening for this post. There will be no post tomorrow (and poss Sunday)because I will be be here, soaking myself under jets just like that person in the foreground. PCock and I are running off to the place fondly known as the Mount tomorrow morning for 24 hours of girlie fun! We've managed to find a cheap twin room to share ($30 each for the night) and I'm planning on spending most of the day on the beach, most of the twilight hours in the hot salt water pools at the foot of the Mount and most of the night in the bars keeping an eye on PCock while she drowns her sorrows, dancing my little feet off and hanging out with my Tauranga based cousin. You've got to love a weekend where your hardest decision is whether to spend your "fun money" on a massage or a divine dinner!
Also loving the fact that I'm having a girlie night tonight with the FPC girls. While I'm the only single one, all the boys will be next door blowing each other up... *cough cough* I mean LANing(is that even a word?) and we're going to curl up and put on face masks and nail polish and watch chick flicks! After working 19 and a half hours in the last two days, it's so all I feel like doing!
Hope you all have as great a weekend as I do! Look forward to hearing about it all on Monday!

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