Loving List

It's been a while since I did one of these, but I have a lot to love this week!
♥ All my assignments are handed in for Semester 1! Classes are finished and I have three weeks of holidays with not a heck of a lot planned but reading for the semester ahead - which includes a whole bunch of Shakespearean plays. Divine!
♥ Blood tests! Bizarre I know, but the last couple of months I've felt quite drained. Like abnormally so. I've been ill more than is usual for me and have often felt a bit more run down than I should have been. I've had problems with Vitamin B12, D and zinc deficiency in the past, so this test should let me know if that's become an issue again and get the right pills and jabs to get me back on track.
♥ Lunch with PianoMan. I haven't had many opportunities to do this with being on practicum, but there's something fantastic about breaking up your day with an hour-long interlude with your beloved.
♥ Christchurch in a week! It's not as far afield as we had planned to go (sorry Corrine!) but it will still be good to get out of the biggest smoke and visit a littler smoke, coming back a little more refreshed. It will also be my first time there not staying with family and I have to say that it feels comfortable - we can see them without imposing on them. Plus we're staying at the gorgeous Hotel SO, right in the centre of ChCh.
♥ On that note, looking forward to meeting up with some Christchurch girly bloggers. Andrea (A cat of impossible colour), Bridey (Life of Bridey) and Charlie (I'm a bit of a geek) and I are meeting for Thai - yum! A, B, C and me!
♥ A more packed social calendar! It seems like everyone went into hibernation (myself included) at the end of May. I'm at the point now of having to turn down some invitations - while that sucks that I won't be able to attend those events, it's good to be touching base with friends once again.
♥ On the flipside of that, one of the wonderful things that I've cultivated with PianoMan is a mid-week stay-in date. We cook a nice and easy dinner (risotto, mexican, pasta) and sit down with either a television programme or a movie. We have big conversations and snuggle time on the couch and it's a great way to catch up. My work schedule means that Monday and Tuesday nights we aren't able to see each other, so a midweek date is fantastic for us.
♥ The song "Butterfly Kisses" - it just played on the radio, can anyone tell me who sings this? It's just so beautiful.
♥ The new bronzer I bought today. My anglo ancestry leaves me looking so pale in winter that I can look ill without even trying. Both PianoMan and D at work commented on how healthy I looked today - definitely worth the spend!
♥ In short: Coffee, heaters, spooning, dark chocolate, Lemon V, parents being overseas, sparkling wine, slow starts in the morning, cooking for the boy, a ski jacket my mum bought me that feels like I am wearing a duvet, satay (I am such a peanut fiend, I swear), touch-screen cellphones, season finale of Scrubs, doing small things I know will make the boy happy, organisation, living in slouchy leather boots and cute pictures of monkeys!
♥ My biggest love this week is... my life. While there could always be little bits and pieces to tweak, I am content. And that is fantastic.


  1. The song is by Bob Carlisle.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous post. Life is really good for you at the moment, and you most definitely deserve it!!! =) xx

  2. I was a teaching assistant for a second year uni course and handed in all their essays this week - felt good! Also, I love Thin Lizzy too! It's great, gives you a nice glow doesn't it.
    Looking forward to meeting up with you too! And thai food always thai food!

  3. I enjoyed this post so, so, SO much.. :)


  4. Oh my god! Mr Smaggle and I stayed at Hotel So when we were in NZ! It's awesome. The rooms are tiny but that just forces you to get out more.

    P.S Check my blog. There's surprise for you!