Smile on my dial...

This gorgeous video comes courtesy of Polka Dot Bride - absolutely LOVE it! What a unique and happy way to start a fantastic occasion! I really believe that weddings should be a reflection of a couple and I bet this would be a wonderful couple to befriend!

And those vintage sunnies are awesome!


  1. !!!! that is the greatest! i am so glad you posted that <3 awesome

  2. Ive seen so many, but this by far is the cutest! The way the guys throw all the papers up in the air is too adorable!

  3. I LOVE this! My Mother excitedly showed me it this morning, it's possibly the best thing I've seen today :D

    P.S. Hey doll, is there any way that you could possibly change the link on your blogroll from 'Miss Corrine' to 'Frock & Roll' if you have a spare moment? I know you're a super busy beaver so if you don't, that's cool, but just thought I'd mention it!