If the pain is anything to go by...

... then I'm very wise today. My last wisdom tooth is coming through and owies! I'm trying to work out when in the next week I can visit a dentist to get it extracted. I can't wait until I'm back at uni to get it done, there isn't enough room in my mouth for it and I'm sucking down the Bonjela Teething Gel like a baby :)
Other news this week:
  • I started creating a new website this week that I hope to have live within the next couple of weeks. I got the thought after having repeated conversations with several people on the same general topic in one day - they must think I'm some kind of expert! Ah well, you don't need to play rugby to know the rules of the game *wink wink*
  • I celebrated seven months with SB on Wednesday... things just keep getting better and better between us... when you find the person you can truly be yourself with, grab hold of them with both hands and never let them go! We went to this tiny wee restaurant in our hometown. The food was a little bit more pricey than what we usually go for but it was so scrumptious!
  • I got a little over-excited in planning bachelorette events for a friend's wedding - however, she loved all the ideas :). A beach-side getaway for her bridal brigade (the larger group of friends assisting with the wedding, not just the bridal party), a high tea bridal shower and a "debauched beauty queen" themed bachelorette night. Fun fun! Roll on the beginning of next year
  • Finding the perfect dress.... because of my curves (and their rather substantial nature), I really hate full length shots of me unless I'm covered in a giant coat. When shopping for a dress to wear out to dinner on Wednesday I found the dress that was made for me. A little red cocktail number, it nips in at exactly the right place, making those full length camera shots make me look like Jessica Rabbit . Best of all, it was $25! And will continue to look great even if I lose some more weight.
  • On the down side, I feel like I've got nowhere near what I intended to get accomplished over the holidays... did I have hopes that were too high? Did I muck around too much? Regardless, SB is watching the Bathurst (is that even the right spelling?) races tomorrow so I'll have a bit of an opportunity to catch up.

Back to work... yes, I am being naughty and blogging on the company dime. How was your week, Scribblette?

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  1. I definitely feel your pain!

    One of my wisdom teeth (I let mine grow out a while ago, very painful!) has decided to grow just a little bit more and the gums around it are inflamed. Not. Much. Fun. :(

    Have a good weekend though!