Long Days...

It sounds like an odd complaint but yesterday I was in a grumpy mood... because I had fun things to do. I woke up in the morning and popped the laundry on (which was fine, we all need fresh knickers) and then toodled off to church. Which I enjoyed. I then stopped at the supermarket to pick up some scrumptious food type presents for Ms B, which I dropped off at her place and sat on the deck hanging out with my adorable "niece". I don't need to tell you that I enjoyed that too. I got home to the laundry freshly hung out and did the dishes while I waited for SB to get home. I sat on the couch and realised... I was in a bad mood. What the heck was wrong?

In around half an hour's time, I had to go with SB to his parents' house for a family afternoon tea.
SB: Do you not want to go?
Scribbs: No, I do want to go. I'm looking forward to meeting Aunty C and Aunty P, as well as your cousins
SB: Then why are you sad?

I worked out that for the last few weeks, I've always been switched on. If it wasn't group assignments at uni, it was dealing with customers at work. If it wasn't work, it was doing family stuff - both mine and SBs. If it wasn't family stuff, I was online trying to organise things and chatting with people. If it wasn't that, it was hanging with SB. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE hanging out with SB... but I felt like I hadn't had any hermit time to myself. So after the afternoon tea, SB took the cars out and gave them a wash and I switched off and curled up on the couch with a book and a bowl of fruit. Bliss. Better than a sleep.

Scribblettes, do you need your switch-off time too? How can you tell when you've had enough?

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