Lessons from hard times...

Life is, to put it in plain terms, somewhat frustrating lately. I'm waiting to hear about teaching jobs (when the start of term is just over a week away), we're having no luck finding a decent rental property (decent house + decent amount of space + a decent area = no dice) and I'm trying not to go too crazy with my "activities" because I need to conserve my cash. I have a couple of friends who are going through mental health issues at the moment and I feel like I've been very little help to them because I'm keeping my s*!t together with a string and a paper clip at the moment.

It's not in my personality to be the laid back, que sera sera person, believing that it will all fall into place because it has to. I know I'm highly-strung and stress myself out - my high school nickname of Drama Queen is not such a misnomer. I've also cut the things out of my life that I used to rely on for my stress relief. This is the first period of high stress that I've gone through where I've neither smoked, nor comfort ate. It's not something as women we are encouraged to be open about, but most of us have some unhealthy habit that we use as a way of getting by.

So yes, life at the moment is a big challenge and punching the crap out of thin air on the Wii Fit is helping with some of the stress relief, as are the sleeping tablets I've got from my friendly local physician. What I've also come to realise is that this time is requiring me to foster patience. Patience has never come easily to me and this time I am having to learn how to grow it and use it. If I take nothing else out of this time (besides a job, a house and a fantastic relationship :D) I will take out the fact that I waited, and finally I won.

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  1. I feel you, I'm in similar stressed out situation and I am in no way a laid back person either. Trying to take a healthy approach as well though.

    We'll get through it aye! We can only do what we can and hope things will start working out!