And into fast forward we go...

You know how I posted about us finding a house? The realisation hit me this morning like a tonne of bricks - move in is a week away!! My poor parents' house is a mess of boxes at the moment as I frantically try and shove things into some semblance of order in the time I have available. I finally feel like I'm getting on top of it though - have kept one book out for reading material this week and all the rest are packed away :) It means that during the nights of next week I will only have the necessities to pack away. Good thing that, as my days are completely choca!
And in other news, I've gone from being underemployed to being a busy little bumble! No, haven't scored a full-time teaching gig but have been taken on by my old high school (as in, the one I attended as a student) as a relief teacher! I taught dance and health classes on Friday and will be covering English classes from Tues-Fri next week. They've been so helpful in getting all my paperwork sorted with the Ministry (that pays all the teachers - the schools don't pay directly) and the kids, while not loving having a relief teacher, are far from the terrors they could be. Most of all, I'm loving being back in the classroom - I had seriously missed it. It does make some of the teachers there laugh that I have a secret life still of selling bras and panties!
I'd love to have a full-time job and everything pan out absolutely normally but it wasn't to be... just shows that trying to achieve your dreams by changing tack can actually work. Scribblettes, has life ever taken an unexpected turn that worked out brilliantly? Have you found different ways to achieve your goals?

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  1. We're in the process of househunting and moving too! It's driving me nuts.