Hitting play!

After a month or so of feeling like my life has been stagnating, it finally feels like someone is pushing play. SB rung me this morning - I'd been emailing him saying that I was stuck in an internet survey and when I heard it was his voice, I thought he was going to tell me to stop being so silly and get my butt moving. Instead, he rung me to tell me that he had good news... extra good news in fact.

We have a place!

And the extra-good part about it is that it is getting painted before we move in. It's not the flashiest house, nor in the flashiest area... but it is pretty damn perfect. Three bedrooms (master, spare and what will probably become the office), an ensuite bathroom as well as a regular one - two toilets, two showers, a nice open-plan kitchen/dining/lounge area and a sliding door that opens out onto a fantastic deck. The yard needs quite a bit of work (we'll do something relatively cheap and low-maintenance seeing we don't own the place) but we got our own little bit of paradise for a price we can afford.

We can do things the way we want - having house guests, throwing parties, putting things just the way we like them. The only people we have to please are each other. And that makes us feel so excited it is like we've won a prize! Now if this is the start if everything else getting on track, hit play again maestro!


  1. That's great news! I hope you enjoy your new place!

  2. Really pleased to hear it - I've been thinking about you a lot lately :) Glad things are coming together a bit!