On life at the moment...

Yay! Working more frequently as a relief teacher.
Nay! Having to complete what seems to be oodles and oodles of paperwork for each new school I start with.
Yay! Getting to see students that I taught last year and continuing to have great professional relationships with them, although it is about four months since I saw then last
Nay! Feeling lonely at break times. As a relief teacher, no one knows how long I am going to be around so I don't get to participate in any of the staff room cliques.
Yay! Moved in with SB this weekend and our house is amazing.
Nay! We have both been so on the go the last week that we're on the scratchy side... we're usually a lot nicer to each other than we have been at the moment.
Yay! The weather stayed fine for the move.
Nay! The weather is so hot at the moment, it really sucks the energy out of you and makes the students more objectionable also.

Other things to Yay! about:
An awesome Valentines Day that proves my darling knows me well, our parents meeting each other and getting along, SB's birthday on Monday and having the in-laws round for dinner (went successfully), emailing my resignation from my retail job, planning to visit the lantern festival on Friday, dinner and drinks this coming Saturday to quietly celebrate our joint birthday and my birthday next Monday!

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  1. Lots of things to Yay about - Yay! Not so great about the Nay's like being lonely, poor you, but at least you're teaching at get to resign from yucky retail! retail is soul sucking, teaching on the other hand is something soul inspiring.