Well eff me, it's February!

One absolutely appalling thing about me is despite my love of English language, my devouring of Austen and Shakespeare, my grammar nazi tendencies... I have quite a dirty mouth. I tone it down in the classroom of course, but upon realising that today was the start of February I had a few choice words LOL.

I thought that life was going to be different at the start of February - as I have said before, my words for 2010 were potential and growth and so far I haven't seen much of either. Having those words to focus on definitely gives me a bit of motivation so I have decided that the word of February is going to be...


No more Miss-nice-girl in February. This is the month where I am going to fight for what I want. No more working in soul-sucking retail. No more waiting for schools to call like I am some soppy high schooler with a crush. Scribbles is playing hard ball this month and is out to get what she wants - and Mama wants a flat to live with SB too. I started off by sending out a few emails to my teaching contacts this morning and already have a lead on a substitute teaching position at my old high school. It may not be the full-time job I wanted but I will gain experience while doing what I wanted to do all along. The rental agencies that we are waiting on will be getting a phone call tomorrow and SB is on board with all the proactivity - he has a list of planning himself that he wants to tackle this week. He's taking off Thursday and Friday for the AC/DC concert so will have the days to tackle his tasks.

So let's see what having "Proactive" as word of the month does for me, Scribblettes. What word of the month do you think will help you achieve your goals?

Credit must go to Andrea for setting my mind in motion on the power of words and for triggering me to be more proactive in chasing my dreams each time I read her blog.

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