Secret fashion maven??

I'm not one of these girls who is always impeccably dressed before leaving the house - the nature of my hair alone means that in an Auckland summer I am a frizz bomb before noon. Only two months ago did I get around to throwing out all my clothes that were out-of-date, out-of-size or just plain not me anymore. I don't style blog because frankly most of my clothing decisions are made after my morning shower based on the fact that they don't make me look like a fat old lump. I hardly feel that puts me in the league of such gorgeous ladies as Andrea and SKM.

Over the last week, I have been relief teaching for PE. As such, the drama teacher in me feels like I have to adopt the role of a PE teacher and dress appropriately - not stupid, you need to be able to pitch in with the kids and wear flexible and sport-appropriate clothing. But by last night? I was feeling like a total scruff.

While I don't consider myself a style maven, I have discovered that I am a little bit of a style snob. I can't spend all day in t-shirts and yoga pants. I know that there are some stylish sportswear items out there but it's not worth the investment when I could be covering a math class next week. So as an antidote to all the slobbery (slobbishness?), I'm spending today in a lovely dress. And have two dresses on hand to wear this weekend :) Sometimes you gotta love being a girl!


  1. Sometimes you just gotta feel like a lady (and I don't think it's snobbery at all)