Good Friday

It feels weird typing Friday in that box... today has a distinctly Saturday feeling about it. Both SB and I were absolutely exhausted last night and in bed by ten (unheard of for us). Today has been a day of pottering around the house, catching up on neglected housework - while celebrating all the awesome things that happened in March, the everyday wasn't quite kept up with. We did manage to get a long walk in the botanical gardens in today so that is something :) We were quite amazed with the amount of eating establishments open today - guess that Easter trading closures aren't the same as what they used to be... LOL saying that makes me feel so old. "Back in my day..."

Things are starting to feel a little more real about the teaching job. Went into the school on Wednesday to collect some resources and met more of the department. Got shown the classroom that is to be mine and my little cubby/work area in the staff work room. It sounds like the junior classes I'm going to teach are going to be pretty challenging but I've outlined a rough plan in my head for the lesson plans for the first week. It is really hard coming into a school in the second term - in theory, the previous teachers have these holidays to leave so I do not get keys, work laptops or photocopy cards until my first day... you know, when I am teaching and all. I'm facing an ultra-early start on that Monday so I can get a few things sorted before I walk into a classroom. Still... suck it up... you have a job, Ms Scribs!

Looking forward to the rest of the weekend - lunch and Alice in Wonderland with Mama Scribs and Littlest Sister, BBQ with friends on Saturday, catch up with ChCh Sis on Sunday for dinner and go to work with SB on Monday! I know the last one may not seem too exciting but I am a total dork and really fascinated by what he does. Any exciting plans for you over Easter, Scribblettes?

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  1. easter plans pretty much went chocolate, family dinner, chocolate, chocolate... mmmmm