A weighty subject - Fraidy cat


Bad blogger... I started this blog feature because I wanted accountability for my weight loss.
Then I had a month and a half that was absolutely crazy with moving house, celebrations and much more work than I had had expected. My exercise routine went out the window, I felt exhausted by the time I got home and was not doing the hour long Wii workouts that I had planned on - there was more unpacking to do. Focus on the exercise part of my weight loss journey went right out the window.
I'd like to say that I kept a healthy diet during this period but that wouldn't be true. Being so busy often meant eating little and often while on the run. We definitely had our fair share of take out during this time and our alcohol consumption was fairly high as well - lots of parties, lots of booze, lots of empty calories. I could just imagine the awful affect that all of this was having on my weight. I wasn't feeling fatter but I should have been...
I finally jumped on the scales to find out the horror. All I can say is that the weight fairies must have been smiling on me for once. I jumped on the scales.

Current weight: 106kg

Its a loss, but nowhere near the loss I had had hoped for to date. I felt a bit ashamed of the weight loss. I didn't want to post it. I don't like looking less than perfect.The lovely Alla asked me about it on Facebook and I came to the realisation that this is all part of the journey - being fallible. So this is me, saying that my effort so far has been appalling. Stand by for a bigger loss in the next month.

Scribblettes, should any of you want to join me in journalling your weight loss journey, feel free to use the badge on your blog or leave your comments below!


  1. I'd like to lose 5kgs. I know it's not much but it's the last 5 and that's always the hardest! Also weight loss is hard for me because of health problems I have and because I already exercise like a mad woman (it's my passion) leaving the ball entirely in the DIET half. My diet is relatively healthy and my weight stable which means.. to lose that 5kgs I want to lose I have to change my diet habits I have to play with it and find something different <- key word different that works for me. I'll have to stop falling back into convenient patterns and not eat chocolate every day maybe only every other day ;-P

    I like to read your journal. Life gets in the way of our routines I'm glad you have still had a lose even when you weren't expecting it. Most excellent!!! x

  2. I was thinking that we hadn't heard anything about this in awhile. Life gets in the way doesn't it. Don't feel bad though! We're here to support you no matter how you're doing lady :).

  3. you need to cut yourself a break- moving, new job, easter, holidays... no wonder you were too exhausted to workout and cook/eat healthy! seriously. life happens.

    and its good your honest about it, you'd only be cheating yourself. good luck! xxx

  4. Yeah losing weight takes energy and often we don't have it in our busy lives. That and summer holidays tend to build up our winter "coats"!
    At least you're on a mission you still want to accomplish - all the best!