Flat batteries...

Sitting on the couch with my wet hair wrapped in a towel turban, I'm wondering when I lost it. I used to be able to get up at six in the morning, drive a quarter of the way down the country, play in the snow for hours then head back and go out with friends until four in the morning. Now I make it til the end of the day at work, come home and cook dinner and maybe do a load of washing. When did I start feeling so old?

I think part of it is my profession. Being a teacher makes it so hard not to care. The kids can be absolute mongrels and you still hope that you can do something to make them into decent people. You never stop managing their behaviour and hoping that one day they will shock you and manage it all by themselves. You take the small wins as your reward.

Part of me really hopes that I'm struggling because I'm not over my cold... cause at least that means I'm going to feel better next week. Right now I'd settle for not feeling so achey and worn at the end of the day. Hoping this weekend gives me the rest I need to make myself feel normal again.


  1. Maybe it's just a period you're going through? I go through some periods where I just feel totally zapped of energy.. despite not too much lifestyle difference.. though I do imagine you job must be quite demanding! Not sure how I'd go face to face with kids all day. Maybe check on some of the health stuff, like iron levels.. I take supplements to help with energy.. and lots of water. I know it's obvious but, just thought I'd offer it up. In the meanwhile, tell your lovely mister to put his hands to good work and give you a massage :)

  2. Work also wipes me out, especially on days when everything is so fullon.

    Props to you for actually caring about your kids. I think I'd really struggle if I was a teacher - I take things too much to heart and care TOO much sometimes.