It can only go up from here..

Sometimes the only good thing you can say about a week is that it is over...

In the past week:
  • Our Playstation 3 died (and Sony wants $300 to fix it)
  • Our fridge died (so we have the fridge from the spare house on SB's parents' property)
  • SB was rear-ended by some douche with bald tires and no warrant of fitness (and the police don't care, so now we're waiting on insurance)
  • My car has now decided that it feels like having a seizure as I'm driving along (so needs to be booked into the mechanics)
  • Organised a games night and had a ton of people flake at the last minute, leaving us with an excess of food
Ok, so maybe not the world's worst week, but still a pretty crappy one. I'd like to say that we still had our health but SB has been sniffly all day and I'm still super-run down from being sick and not taking enough time off. After reading some articles today on how to keep relationships solid I decided to perk us both up by planning a surprise date. We had Moroccan for dinner and watched Boy at the movies. Made us both crack up - being kiwi kids in the eighties was a somewhat universal experience and we both know families like this one. Definitely a good pick!


  1. I hear Boy is awesome, really must get around to seeing it!

    Let me chime in. Have been sick. Got rearended too, luckily by a real estate agent who gave T her card and actually got onto her insurance fairly quickly. Went to Lone Star for a birthday celebration and everyone's meals were SO big - there was so much wastage. (We let early - hope someone took the leftovers home). And work was crap this week, but thankfully the week is over.

  2. you know, that last point actually sounds good... extra food! yummm more for you two!