Light at the end of the tunnel...

I'm still awfully tired right now - I attempted to start this blog post yesterday but had to fight off a huge case of the CBFs* and I didn't win. I'm still not feeling any more alert and I'm hoping that I can have one massive sleep in this weekend. Yawning my head off at the moment so here's a quick update of what is going on in Scribbles' World.

  • Fridge is gone and we have the fridge that we used to have when we lived on SB's parents property - probably about 25 years old but it goes and we got it free.
  • The insurance claim has been approved for our car that was in the accident so it will go into the panelbeater next week! No more leaky boot!
  • The other car rectified the problem it was having before the mechanics looked at it - no charge. Yay!
  • Feel like I'm on a bit of a win with my students - finally feel that I have got my head around things and that we are moving forward.
  • Even if we weren't, this incredibly long term is now officially halfway over.
  • Because we are such awesome tenants, we now have a new mail box. Unfortunately it's the same crappy design as the old one but at least I'm not getting flakes of rust on my hand anymore.
So it has been a week so far of small wins - hope that it continues! Back soon with a post that contains a lot more conscious thought :D

*Can't be f*#ked - it's an illness, I swear LOL

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  1. The CBFs! Haha, I love it. I succumb to those all the time.

    Our car claim looks like it's going through too so hopefully will be good as new in a few weeks :)