Moving on up... err sideways?

If you follow me on Twitter, you may recall that I have been job searching. My current job was just a contract to cover maternity leave. As much as my current boss would love to keep me there, at this stage no one is leaving so there are no open positions. The reality is such that I can't afford to wait to see if one becomes available because there is every chance I might find myself unemployed at the start of next year.

I've been applying at multiple schools across the area and in the middle of last week was delighted that I'd been asked to interview for a job I thought I had little chance of getting - the position calls for an English and Social Studies teacher and I had never taught Social Studies before. The school does however have a Christian background and I think my willingness to work with "the special character of the school" was definitely an advantage.

Imagine my surprise on Friday when I was asked to interview at another school - I had applied to this one last year and just missed out on gaining the position so I'm feeling hopeful that this time it will be mine! Can't count chicks before they've hatched and all but I've gone from having no prospects for next year to having two solid ones.

Both schools are vastly smaller than the one I teach at now (over 2000 students to less than 1000 each) so it will be a big change regardless of where I end up. Really excited for this coming week and hopefully have some good news to report by Friday!!

Anything exciting happening with you, Scribblettes?


  1. Wow, that's awesome :)
    Best of luck - hope you have some great news to share soon!

  2. Good luck with your interviews, I'm sure you'll be wonderful!