I am a snail...

...or maybe an armadillo. In times of stress I totally turn into a ball of sighing self-absorption. I'm struggling to even come up with the words to write this post. Forgive me as I stumble through this in the hopes of enlightening you about my situation.

I'm very nervous at the moment about my job situation for next year and in a space of limbo that isn't going to be resolved any sooner than the 18th. I missed out on one position (which in the end turned out to be not what was advertised... probably wouldn't have applied had I known) and have been offered a long-term relief position at this stage which doesn't run for the entire year. There is a possibility that this could turn into a longer position. Coupled with the fact that my current school is now making teacher redundant... yikes! I can almost hear the wolves baying as they walk down the path to the door. It's a lot of pressure to put on SB to support me for six weeks at the start of next year before I start earning again. It's not like we're married... I feel like it's not fair to ask him to support me.

I'm on a BC pill for PCOS and it isn't Pharmac funded - the government agency that provides subsidies on certain medications including other varieties of BCP. This type comes with good recommendations from the international PCOS communities. It started out at $72 for 9 weeks which was steep but affordable. For the last year it has been steadily climbing and the last time I went to the chemist 9 weeks of pills cost me $97! Ridiculous... so now I'm stressing about what my alternatives are - $500 plus a year is just excessive.

I know it's important to focus on my blessings - that I have a job until the end of the year, that my health is generally good, that I have a man who loves me... but right now my brain isn't all that keen on listening. Postive employment thoughts would be awesome though!

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