Insides, outsides...

It struck me today, as I was straightening up the bedroom, how much what is going on in my life affects my surroundings. The last week felt very messy - I had my senior students leaving to go on exams, I'm still in the middle of job confusion and worry, my timetable was all warped and I'm feeling quite bloated without a clear reason (TMI?) and by the end of the week the house definitely reflected this sort of flustered muddle that I felt inside.

We were having friends over for dinner on Friday night so I decided I was going to employ the close-the-door method - you all know it, when you take all the mess from the area they are going to see, put it in a bedroom and close the door. The guests were none the wiser, I got to have lovely girl talk with Blondie and the mess, while distributed, still remained.

Today I'm feeling much more serene about things. I've had time to work through the weird timetable of last week and create a plan for the last four weeks of term. I've emailed the school with a less-than-ideal offer to discuss and the possibility of another position has come up from somewhere unexpected. Today is also the first day that I've felt like tackling the mess.

My question is... if I keep everything tidy, will this stop me from feeling so jumbled when life throws me a curveball? Your thoughts, Scribblettes...


  1. for me at least, it definitely does work in both directions. (hence cleaning is my go-to self-soother, hah!)

  2. Look, I'll admit it. I can be a lazy, unmotivated slob at the best of times when it comes to the tidiness of my home.

    But over time I have realised that how my house looks and how I feel about my life are SO connected. I feel so much more "together" when I have a tidy home. I feel more confident, organised and motivated. It becomes a good cycle.

    I thank you for this post because today is an 'unmotivated as hell' day and my house could use a once over. I was bummed at my lack of motivation, but after reading this I am going to start making things tidy and clean :)
    Good luck with everything!