Goals Update - mid year and a little late!

I thought I better do a goals update - feeling pretty happy about the results. It's funny how little some of them matter any more and how my lifestyle has changed over the last year so that some of them no longer apply!

Lose 22 of the 31 kg I have left to lose - 7 1/2 months through the year and I have lost 13.5 kg. 60% of the way there and we're coming out the other side of winter... feeling pretty positive about this.

Get out of debt (apart from student loans) - I feel like I haven't got as far as I would like with this but we are saving for a wedding! The reality is I'm doing fairly well, given the situation

Organise a monthly social event with the girls - this goal was going gangbusters until two of the girls got pregnant... no more wine clubs for us. I've been making the effort to see my friends individually but I should really organise a few more larger events.

Exercise at least three times a week - I've had my off weeks and on weeks but exercise has definitely played a larger part in my life this year than it has in many previous years.

Have monthly filing/organisational binges - it's probably even more frequent than that... really hate clutter! We've also just chucked out a whole lot of stuff in the inorganic collection (the one time of year you don't have to pay to take stuff to the tip) so we're feeling nicely decluttered at the moment!

Take the stairs whenever possible - man it makes me laugh that this was a serious goal of mine! I would take the stairs anyway these days!

Dry-brush before a shower each day - fail. I don't know why, when I can get into so many other habits, this is a struggle

Moisturise daily - a necessity at the moment if I want my skin to shrink with me!

Read 52 books this year - have read 53 so far and I am shooting for 100!

Spend less than $60 per item of clothing this year - mixed results... I have splurged on some items but overall I've bought very few items of clothing this year. I don't want to spend too much money on the size I am but it turns out that I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to tailoring and materials LOL

Make More - definitely a win here, both foodwise (I'm getting more particular about cutting down on processed foods) and craftwise (wedding centrepieces, party decorations, etc)


  1. don't be too harsh on yourself. you're doing great. more green goals than red ones from what i can see. more importantly, there's still over 4 months to go. you can do it!

  2. I could benefit from all of these goals too..I like that you write lists. I've been trying to write lists lately about what to do but it's more "remember to do the thing". Uh...